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Please note that any and all grammar mistakes are totally intentional, for our god is perfect in every way.

Telokinosis The Giant king Edit

In the beginning there was darkness. The Great Giant War made Telokonisis the king of the Giants, and he imprisoned the bad giants who survived the war on 8 different planets. Their names were Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. All of his brothers and sisters died in the war, and were placed on Earth along with him. They were all decedents of Earth.

One day he was tired of looking down and seeing complete darkness. So he decided to send a burst of fire down and give the Earth, light. He spit into the sky and made glimmering figures he called these the stars. Next he found a rock big enough to throw into the sky and he called that the moon. He forced the other giants, who were imprisoned on the planets, to help with the creation of earth.

He scatters the Giants across the earth and told them to punch the ground forming the trenches and holes to hold the Earth’s water.

           Next he formed man from the bodies of his dead brothers. He named the man Kane and was made to do what the giant king told him. Telokonisis sent down all types of creatures, some dangerous and some not. However, man had the skills to care for the animals and keep himself safe from them as well. The animals consisted of wolfs and lions and fish and the most dangerous Grosideas.

Grosideas were dangerous and their bites were extremely poisonous. The man was told to avoid it by the king. He was told not to release it under any circumstance. Kane, however, did not listen. He believed that he could tame the animal. He was horribly mistaken.

When the creatures were released they attacked the man and killed him. Then the creatures went around causing trouble and danger to the other animals. This was the beginning of all evil.

When Telokonisis found out what had happened he set fire to Kane’s dead body and sent him in to the sky. He was the sun and when he was launched into the sky all of the other planets aligned with him.

The king knew he had to make another human so this time he tried to make a woman out of the dead bodies of his giant sisters. He sent her down to earth and named her Kitopilis. He sent down crops and plants down for her to care for. He told her as well to avoid the Grosideas. Kitopilis did as he said and survived.

After seven days of living on the Earth, Kitopilis said to the king, “King Telokonisis I am tired of being alone and doing all of this work by myself. Can I please have someone to help me?” the King said okay and formed many other woman. They were also used to handle the crops and work the garden.

About four weeks later, the woman said she and the other woman where lonely and need somebody to love. The king hesitated, thinking of what happened to the first man, Kane and after 365 days decided to try again with the creation of man. He created many men to keep the women company and work with the animals. Once again he told man to avoid the Grosideas and this time they listened.

About five years later after having watched the humans grow and work he called them all together for a meeting on top of the highest hill. He told them, “You have done a good job caring for and expanding the earth. Now I, as your father, must go and let you be free. I tell you this now go and multiply of your kind. Keep this world safe and protect yourself. One day this earth will freeze over when Kane stops burning. Until then this is your earth and you do what you please with it.”

As he finished talking he sunk into the earth and became the keeper of the underworld so that he would meet his children again when the passed away.

Romanus Edit

Romanus is the god of black magic. Romanus goes around casting evil spells and haves his human servants do his dirty work while he sits high above them in a throne of bones. He releases magic in the air creating pollution. The people who are forced to worship this god are the Istaceis. They were born in an island, called Sectarian, far away from any resources and Romanus took advantage of this. He gave them electricity, water and Internet. But this came with a price. The people try to protect the land but the god destroys it and punishes those who disobey him by turning them into animals or makes them into slaves. The men were given a taste of magic and the god sends them to other islands to cause trouble. The woman and children work on the island with him bringing him food and information of new discoveries on the island. The god separates the children and their mothers as soon as they are born. The people try to keep in contact with their children with the IPhones that the God provided but if he finds out the king will murder the child. One time a man named Jericho el juron attempted to kill the god but now is swimming in the bottom of the ocean. When this happened know one tried to kill the god but they still complain about their terrible life. His sign is a skull and cross bones and he has it hanging all over the island and all of his slaves and workers wear an uniform that has the sign stretched across the chest and an armband and a hat with the symbol.

                As I wrote about this god I envisioned an evil figure that overtakes everything in a place that has nothing. However, I needed to make it about a millennium so I had to make it seem like the god came from a modern land and brought modern things with him. I also put some one issue in the world and had it created by the evil god. I was trying to make it an evil empire and I somewhat succeed with that. I encountered the problem on how to make it seem somewhat modern while still having the place a dirty destroyed place.

Dolphin and Tiger Edit

Dolphin and Tiger were best friends. They walked and talked across the land all day. However, one day the creator told them that one of them would have to become a water creature. None of the land animals wanted to become a water animal so the friends argued.When Monkey saw the two arguing he came over and said, “Why are you two arguing? You are supposed to be best friend.” Tiger continued to argue while Dolphin explained, “Mr. Creator said one of us has to go in the dangerous water. None of us want to do it so we are arguing over who goes.” Monkey saw and had a great idea. “The two of you will have a series of games to prove who is the greatest land animal, that is the animal who shall stay.” So the two competed in contest such as races, capturing hidden items, and hiding competitions. Dolphin had won every single one. In the last event, which was a long race around the world, Tiger cheated. When Dolphin was about to win and become the land animal Tiger dived ahead and bit both of Dolphins legs of. When Dolphin realized what happened he looked at Tiger and asked him why. But Tiger just glared at him and ran to the finish line. Later on he brought monkey to show him Dolphin and told him, “It was birds. They swooped down and bit his legs clean off.” Out of rage Monkey asked the creator to take away birds teeth and he did so. Then the Creator asked Tiger and Dolphin if they had decided who would be a water creature from now on, tiger immediately yelled and pointed to Dolphin and whining, “I guess it would have to be Dolphin. He has no legs and I do not thing he can survive on the land with no legs. However I am sad to see my friend have to go.” When the creator asked Dolphin if he was okay with this he stared angrily at Tiger and said a firm yes. The Creator then cast Dolphin into the ocean and he swam away. Dolphin did not hold a grudge against Tiger for cheating and biting his legs off because of all the fun he had swimming. He treated everyone he encountered nicely and he was extremely friendly. The creator was so happy with this he decided to create more. He decided to do this with all of the other creatures as well for he felt it was all a success.

The End

The Return of the Grosedia Edit

I looked up and before my eyes stood a ferocious monster. He was guarding the key to life itself. It could save any man or woman.

It was the most gruesome monster I have ever seen. He was 100 feet tall and his breath was a pit of fire. His teeth were knifes ready to attack his victim. His skin was a pale red and oozing with puss. His eyes bulged out of his head and took away my soul. His arms were tanks with plenty of gunpowder.

He was the most disgusting thing that I had ever seen. As he talked orange saliva sprayed onto my pale face. "Looks like I’ve got me one now." I attempted to scream and his ginormous hands covered my face. His hand opened up reviling a green gas. As soon as it came out I passed out.

When I awoke I was surrounded by wet stretchy string, however I couldn’t escape. It was then I saw it. A huge figure dropped down from the sky. It was a cow. It was missing half of its body and soon after the creature flew down with bony wings.

This sent a chill down my spine. He walked towards the cow and with one big bite gobbled down the cow. I screamed and the creature glared at me and flew towards me. He then opened his mouth and sent a breath of hot air into my face.

Then monster said, “You will be a good appetizer.” He opened his mouth and right before he bites me I asked what are you. He replied, “I am the Grosidea,” and just then he disappeared into thin air leaving behind just a puff of green gas and a puddle of red goo. 

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